BalancePoint Partners has a long and distinguished relationship with some of the top talent in Western Canada. See what some of our clients have to say about us!

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  • As a new manager, BalancePoint has been instrumental in equipping me with the proper tools to be successful by providing instruction on multiple leadership techniques, development on how to brainstorm ideas and methods of appliation of these newly learned management principles to real world situations.  The flexibility in the format of my regular sessions with BalancePoint has allowed me to focus on specific and current issues as they arise.

    Chris Brownlee, Leader - Operations Cost Accounting
    TransCanada Pipelines

  • The coaching session our team did with BalancePoint this week was incredibly valuable – meeting and even exceeding my expectations by a long shot. Chris’ approachable, warm, conversational style works brilliantly – he’s an absolute joy. We saw a lot of benefit from doing this session, and members of our team who tend not to cross paths much worked collaboratively in little power huddles, made strategic decisions together, and even forged some new friendships. Coming back to the office, there is this sense of clarity and excitement buzzing through the halls. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Chris and his team at BalancePoint – and their coaching which will be an integral part of our progress as our company continues to grow. 

    Nicole Baron, Marketing Manager
    VistaVu Solutions

  • Chris Niles is a true "Culture Doctor". He helps people mired in everyday minutae to get "unstuck", unlocking true human potential.  Importantly, Chris has the knack of exerting great influence with a velvet hand.

    The finest companies are made up of motivated individuals sharing a common vision and values.  For the executive in search of an experienced coach to help instill a culture of optimal performance, there's no better choice than Chris Niles.

    Paul Lonsdorf, Regional Director
    Control-F1 Corporation



    The consultation and facilitation services provided by BalancePoint Partners has made tremendous contribution personally, professionally and for Team members within our organization.  Through effective listening, candid dialog and probing questions,  Chris has been able to extract the root issues and demand the focus required for those individuals to perform effectively in a leadership role.  By providing feedback, problem solving frameworks as well as other tactics the BalancePoint consultants invoke the critical focus required at a strategic level.   

    Whether facilitating executive meetings, strategic planning sessions or one-on-one mentorship and review I have always found a high return on the time and energy invested with BalancePoint Partners.

    Sean Fynn, COO
    Evoco Inc.

  • Chris Niles’ strengths-based coaching has helped grow my knowledge of myself and impact on others in a new leadership role.  Through insightful questions and the use of on-the-job examples, Chris has helped me understand how to be a better organizational leader.  I have come away from every coaching session with a clearer understanding of how people might respond to my actions and how I can change my leadership style to achieve the response that I am looking for.  The tools and resources that Chris continues to provide have expanded my ability to be prepared for future challenges.

    Shirley Wong, Project Manager
    Gibson Energy

  • Don't expect a cookie cutter or a soft pat on the back coach,  but rather a challenging, face the reality and out of the box thinking and creative ideas approach.

    James J. Szarko, CEO
    SemBioSys Genetics Inc. 


  • I have been using Chris’s services for the past four years and he has been instrumental in guiding me in my transition from Vice President to President and from a private to a public company.  Chris has a very straight forward approach with the right amount of humor injected along the way that has allowed me to become a better strategic thinker and grow our company by 50% during this time period.  Our sessions together always generate some key areas for me to focus on to continue to improve our company.  Chris and I share the same common belief that a strong corporate culture is a key building block towards developing a company that can withstand the test of time and be an organization that people want to stay with long term.

    Ed Malcolm, President
    Elbow River Marketing

  • I worked with Chris as my executive coach over a four-year period when the business I was responsible for was tripling in size and scope. The pace of change was relentless and the personal learning curve was steep. Chris and I worked together two to four times a month and our meetings brought much needed clarity and focus.  At times we talked strategy and at other times

    Chris was an invaluable guide for every day situations around leading people or solving operational issues; he truly is a wealth of knowledge and experience. A key success factor in our coaching relationship was that Chris made it fun, which on tough days at the office was very welcome! Truly an excellent experience and I would thoroughly recommend Chris as an executive coach.

    Matthew Williams, VP & General Manager
    Design Group Staffing

  • Chris has provided a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting.  It is easy to get lost in the weeds of the day to day urgencies of running a business and Chris helps keep me focused on important issues that need to be moved forward daily for my own personal development and for the development of the business.

    Derek Manns, President
    Mainland Information Systems

  • I have worked with Chris and BalancePoint for over 3 years.  He is an incredible coach and facilitator with tremendous insight of when to challenge and when to support.  I am definitely a better business leader for having worked with Chris.

    Jory Lamb, President
    VistaVu Solutions

  • In the pressure packed world of IT sales, we often focus so much on the next deal that we lose sight of the impact our actions are having on others around us; co-workers as well as family members.   Through my interaction with Chris, his management style combined with his balanced approach to life was a constant reminder for me, to maintain priorities in a manner that would have the maximum impact on all facets of life. 

    Utilizing management skills and techniques perfected through many years of hands on experience Chris lead by example, effectively managed conflicts and encouraged all around him to seek ways to improve themselves.    

    In a competitive marketplace I would highly recommend utilizing Chris’s skills as a means to upgrade your organization and gain a competitive advantage.

    Jim Bell, VP Sales
    Control-F1 Corporation

  • VistaVu is better off because of the work of BalancePoint Partners. A singleness of purpose and perspective has been formulated. Having run my own companies and worked in the Fortune 500, I believe I have the breadth of experience to be a relatively objective voice. The message I’d like to share with you, Chris Niles, and your team is that you…

    1. Delivered and effective message that resonated with the company

    2. Engaged participants on a variety of levels and using a multitude of methods with great fluidity.

    3. Inspired thought, elicited opinion and engaged sensory skills to guide the group with clarity and purposefulness.

    In my life, I have taken too many company training programs to count but yours stood out and is a leader on my list. You helped bring clarity to the team and truly motivated the mojo.

    David Dodson,  Senior Solutions Engineer & Strategic Account Manager
    VistaVU Solution

  • I had interviewed three other coaches in the span of about two weeks.  All were cookie-cutter, textbook type individuals and programs.  When I met Chris, it was like a breath of fresh air.  He was genuine, inquisitive, engaged and authentic.  Over the past four years, Chris and I have spent regular time together personally and in group settings and he is the real deal.  He balances thinking with action and personalizes his service to fit specific needs.  I don't think I would be where I am today, professionally, had I not met Chris Niles.

    David Turner, Chief Operating Officer
    Maxim Group, Inc.

  • We solicited the services of BalancePoint Partners to help us run an eight-week WarRoom exercise with our Executive team.

    Chris Niles was able to get the War Room process rolling and very quickly begin to align the team in terms of understanding where we were spinning our wheels, what areas of focus would gain us the most traction. The entire team evolved almost immediately from the “let’s get this over with so I can get back to my real job” line of thinking to a keen understanding that the War Room process was absolutely defining the only truly important areas of focus for all of us and for our business.

    The process delivered dramatically improved results with the streamlining of our internal processes, development of new processes and most importantly, a fully cooperative and aligned Executive and Management team.

    Steve Dallison, Operations and Engineering Director
    OilFlow Solutions

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