WarRoom Testimonial

Balance Point Partners were instrumental in working with our executive team to implement a War Room. The War rooms purpose was to discover and execute against the top 20% activities that deliver 80% of the returns, while reducing the time and cost spent on initiatives that do not produce returns.

Balance Point wide ranging experience and professionalism enabled immediate benefits to be seen across the organization.

Steve Rue,

Financial Director,

OilFlow Solutions

WarRooms In Action

BalancePoint WarRoom

“If it really matters, why is it not getting done?”

Choose your most critical deliverable, identify a team behavior that needs to change and we'll create a series of guided sessions - WarRoom - that integrate structured problem solving, coaching and facilitation that will inspire profound change that sticks.

BalancePoint WarRoom combines a structured methodology, environment and process that reduce the risk, time, and cost of achieving a mission-critical objective.

BalancePoint WarRoom radically decreases the time between making decisions, taking action and learning by compressing the decide-act-learn cycle.  We create WarRooms to address a variety of topics including: 


•      Strategy (re)development 

•      Increasing revenue 

•      Improving team performance 

•      Optimizing cost structures 

•      Acquisition integration activities 

•      Stalled projects and campaigns  

•      Operational and functional process designs 

•      Corporate turnaround (initial stages) and restructuring 

•      Increasing Executive and Board performance 






Choose your most costly or mission-critical project, opportunity, or problem

BalancePoint creates WarRoom at your site that produces focus and clarity, perspective, efficient actions and effective delivery of your targeted objectives in eight to ten weeks or less while measurably improving your team’s performance.  We keep the team on track, alter unproductive behaviors and create new insights.


To achieve different results, people and teams need to be jolted out of old patterns, ways of working and thinking

WarRoom generates a structured focus on a tightly defined issue that matters and creates momentum and engagement.  It is far more than issue definition, measurement, analysis, change management or process improvement activities.  BalancePoint WarRoom provides the foundation for changing individual and group behaviours for creating and managing strong companies.


We create a working model that brings accountable focus for the group and helps break them out of old patterns.

BalancePoint provides all facilitation, coaching, technology, supplies and leadership required for the operation of your WarRoom.  Your team enters and starts working within a custom workflow that is outlined on WarRoom walls and in a secure internal web portal.

WarRoom integrates coaching, facilitation and structured problem solving – a series of Promises and Deliverables – in a team-building environment.  We facilitate a daily accountability setting session where each team member sets a Promise that they will deliver.  These Deliverables are tracked on a daily basis, new learnings are continually incorporated, and unproductive behaviours and approaches are challenged and changed.

The result?

Rapid decision making, targeted actions and rich learning iterated and revised in very short time frames until the desired result is achieved.

Aligned, motivated and engaged teams that significantly improve their results while increasing their levels of commitment, communication and desire to work together.


Get radical … launch BalancePoint WarRoom!

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