Chris Niles, Partner

BalancePoint’s Founder Chris Niles combines hard questions, a sense of creative adventure and an intuitive feel of what a situation requires to help people and companies to strip away the unessential and create focus to move forward.   Chris is a Certified Executive Coach and a senior executive with more than 25 years experience in manufacturing, technology and professional services.  Inspiring and idea-driven, our clients return again and we, at BalancePoint choose to work with Chris, because of his dynamic ability to release the extraordinary potential of everyone he interacts with.  Plus, he’s always excited to learn more – whether through literature or in conversations with people.   Chris was born in Venezula where he spent his early years.  On weekends, you may find Chris with mechanic tools in hand under a car hood or swiftly cycling on a mountain road -- not too far behind his mountain-bike racing son.  


Gilles Charette, Partner

An audio and computer geek at heart, Gilles is an accomplished Change/Project Manager with 20+ years experience managing complex IT and business projects ranging from local to global.  A focused engaged leader who understands business from the ground up, works with a sense of urgency, passion and pride.  Gilles is a future state thinker with realistic view of the big picture. Experienced in working with diverse stakeholder groups across enterprises and levels of seniority. Gilles has worked in highly challenging environments going through significant change such as mergers, acquisitions and restructuring.

Gilles enjoys his off time with his wife and daughter most, doing things like picnics, heading to the mountains and enjoying the fresh air.  Gilles also enjoys hiking, biking, kettlebell training and mixed martial arts


Ganesh Murdeshwar, Partner

Ganesh uses his years spent as a data/computer scientist, and a senior executive deeply immersed in business and technology to make numbers tell a story that matters.


Bill Niles, Partner

Bill Niles is a Chartered Accountant and the glue that binds our Millarville Office to reality.  Born in Calgary, AB, Bill spent several decades working in public accounting and as a financial executive in Canada, the US and Venezuela.  He chose to 'retire' in the Foothills of his home province and practice the well known challenge of "use it or lose it".  His home acreage is a favoured gathering spot for BalancePoint clients and team members and the holiday destination for several of our dogs.